Birds are some of the most common wildlife that we encounter, often found squawking their heads off at 5 am. Specifically, we find baby birds hopping about. Make sure you know the difference between a fledgling and nestling before whisking away any “abandoned” babies.
Fledglings are baby birds that have just left the nest but have not yet learned to fly. This stage lasts for a few days and the parents still care for the baby during this time.
  • They are mostly feathered with some fuzzy down feathers.
  • They do not fly but can hop around.
  • They are fine! The baby’s parents are nearby and still taking care of it.
As long as it is not injured or in any immediate danger (near a busy street or a dog is lurking nearby) they should be left alone!

Nestlings are baby birds that still belong inside the nest.
  • They are partially feathered.
  • They are unable to hop.
  • They probably need help if seen outside its nest.
If you find a nestling on the ground, try to find its nest nearby. If you find the nest, put the baby back in.