Baby Tips

Baby Tips
Baby animals are irresistibly cute and it can be hard to ignore them when they seem abandoned. But always contact a rehabilitator first before stepping in.

Babies survive best with parents
Avoid taking them away unless you have consulted a wildlife rehabilitator.

If you find a baby animal and also see its den or nest:
Put it back!

Parents will not approach their baby if they see you.
Stay out of sight so the parents can return.

Do not feed them!
Incorrect diets can lead to a variety of problems including deformities and death.

For Mammals: avoid handling and if you need to, wear gloves.
For Birds: Parents cannot smell or count. They will not notice if a different baby of the same species was put into its nest nor will they care if a human has touched it.

Do not try to give them water.
Especially if you are using an eye dropper. You can cause damage to their esophagus or can cause pneumonia if water goes into their lungs.