Humans are classified as mammals. You’d think that sharing a branch of the classification tree would give us insights into properly handle mammals. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So drop the squirrel. Now.


Baby Rabbit (Bunnies):
If you find or disturb a rabbits nest, cover it and leave the bunnies be.
The mom only visits a few times a day. If you do not see her, she might not have abandoned her babies. Bunnies are very hard to raise in captivity. Their best chance is with their mom so leave them be.

If a mother opossum is found dead on the side of her road, her babies can still be saved:

  • First look to see if any babies have been tossed out her pouch.
  • Then locate the mother’s pouch and check to see if there any babies.
  • If there are, very slowly and carefully pull the baby from the mom’s nipple.
  • Place the babies inside a container with a T-shirt and keep them warm


Baby Deer (Fawn):
Mom deers “park” their babies and only visit at dawn and dusk. This is to avoid predators. The babies are not abandoned.