General Tips

General Tips

  • Cardboard boxes or animal carries work well for transportation. No bird cages as birds may get their feathers damaged on the bars.
  • Use T-shirts instead of towels for lining the carrier because animals may get their nails caught in towels.
  • A sports drink bottle filled with warm water wrapped in cloth can provide heat.
  • Do not leave the animal loose in a car. Make sure it’s in a secured carrying case or box.

  • Wild animals may attack if cornered or sick and carry the risk of disease. Use caution when approaching any wildlife.
  • All mammals can carry rabies. Please seek medical care if bitten or scratched.
  • Use thick leather gloves If you need to handle an animal in order to transport them to a rehabilitator.

Do not try to rehabilitate wild animals yourself.
It may seem like fun to raise an animal yourself but in New York it is illegal to rehabilitate or otherwise keep a wild animal without a license.


Do not attempt to feed wildlife or give them water.
An improper diet can lead to deformities or even death. You may also accidentally get food in the animals lungs, resulting in aspiration pneumonia.

Wild animals are not pets.
It’s tempting to keep a cute, fluffy wild animal as a pet however it is both dangerous for you and the animal.

Wild animals carry the risk of disease.
Wild animals can carry harmful diseases like Rabies or parasites. Avoid interacting with wildlife whenever possible. If you need to handle an animal use thick leather gloves.