About the Project

A huge portion of animals brought to wildlife rehabilitators don’t actually need to be there. Some were brought in because they were believed to be in distress when they were not while others received improper care that furthered their injuries. Many people mean well with their involvement but their lack of knowledge about wildlife often causes more problems than it solves. Unfortunately, many wildlife rehabbers don’t have the resources to properly educate people.

Born to be Wild aims to address this problem by creating a design campaign that educates viewers on what to do when a wild animal is perceived as being in distress. It also provides rehabilitators and nature centers with resources that they can download and print, spreading them to the masses in the hopes that the information will prevent improper involvement prior to its happening.


About the Designer

Nicole Fieger is New York based designer and illustrator whose love of all things artsy is rivaled only by that of her love of animals. She became interested in wildlife rehabilitation thanks to her animal-savvy older brother who has spent many summers interning at nature centers doing wildlife rehabilitation. His incessant complaining about the rampant misinformation regarding wildlife care spurred the idea to create this campaign.

In addition to completing this project, Nicole’s greatest claim to fame is reaching 1000 daily sketches on her daily sketch blog. She is still going strong. When not designing or illustrating, she can be found wrangling tarantulas, getting stuck in Zelda dungeons, or devouring six-hundred page books in a matter of hours.